Bloody Cleaver

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These Halloween Decorations are everywhere; whether it is the infamous Silence of the Lambs movies starring the deceptive Hannibal Lecter as the central focus or the hideous SAW movies – pop culture these days it is all about bloody killers and grisly murders slashing away – more often than not wielding a bloody cleaver. Thanks to novels like Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter (and their subsequent movie and TV adaptations) serial killers have sort of become the new “cool.” Of course, nobody actually wants to go on a killing spree with these Halloween Decorations – but serial killers are in vogue nonetheless. We also have to thank Ted Bundy and all the company that has inspired so many criminal psychology enthusiasts to pop up all over the place – in such an environment, it is no wonder that a bloody cleaver would be a most desired prop for Halloween Decorations. Up your Halloween Decorations game with this amazing prop!
Bloody cleavers would work great for your Halloween Decorations. Whether you’re planning to dress up as Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Three Finger from the Wrong Turn movies – you will need a bloody cleaver: you know, to chop off some limbs here, butcher some organs there. A killer needs to look bloody, and nothing looks bloodier than a bloody cleaver – one that is insidious, intimidating and dipping blood in all its ferocity. The mere idea of these Halloween Decorations is enough to scare somebody off – imagine what a fairly realistic looking prop of such do to the people at your Halloween party: their hair would stand on ends! Blood and gore have become the epitome of our horror movies these days: get a bloody dagger, put together a bloody apparel, and add the last charm: the bloody cleaver, and voila! You’re ready to bash the brains in – uh, we mean you’re ready to bash that party! It comes as no big surprise therefore that the said prop is in high demand and that people are buying it for their Halloween Decorations by the hour – what’s stopping you?

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