Freddy Krueger Decoration

$118.99 (as of February 18, 2018, 4:09 pm)

Jason Grave Walker decoration creates the illusion of the torso and arms of Freddy Krueger crawling out of the ground
Officially licensed Halloween merchandise celebrates the original Nightmare on Elm Street horror film series
Measures 16-Inch long, 28-Inch wide and 14-Inch high, made of durable, weather-resistant foam that appears eerily lifelike

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Product Description

What could be creepier for your Halloween Decorations than a maniacal murderer, the Freddy Krueger Decoration? Freddy Krueger is a name that has haunted countless children and countless parents ever since the screening of the first Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Soon becoming a cult classics, the figure of Freddy was being wildly recognized and hailed as something iconic and something that had now become a symbol of horror throughout the world and soon to become that of your garden with the Freddy Krueger Decoration. Soon Freddy Krueger was being copied all around the world, homages were being paid to him, and youngsters all around the globe were absolutely pining to roleplay as the garish, devilish claw handed burnt monstrosity that would hunt children down in their dreams – and eventually kill them. Now of course we are not implying that you want to kill some children by donning a Freddy Krueger Decoration suit – but let’s admit it, one and all, a Freddy Krueger Decoration is a pretty awesome idea for Halloween Decorations – who wouldn’t want to put on that amazing orange and black striped shirt, that badly burnt (albeit prosthetic) face, those leathered claw hands that somehow remind you of Wolverine from X Men. Children all over the world might be afraid of him but adults do love to cosplay him and that is for certain. Trust us, nothing would be scarier than this in your Halloween Decorations.

With this scary accessory by your side as part of your Halloween Decorations you will be no doubt equipped to your best advantage to scare off as many children as you like – and adults too. Freddy Krueger Decoration is a good, realistic representation of Freddy Krueger; it would more than suffice if scaring people away is the general idea. Freddy Krueger is a name well known and dreaded far and wide – and even adults who are otherwise well aware that the monster charging after them is but a human in disguise, they will be scared nonetheless. How great would that be – charging after well grown up folks of your neighborhood and booing and hooing them right away. What are you waiting for, get your Freddy Krueger Decoration right away for your Halloween Decorations! If you were wanting a cool new idea for your Halloween Decorations, you’ve come to the right place.

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