Alien Plaque

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Imagine a white, garish, pearly body as could have been molded with plaster of Paris, and this hideous figure has two great black beads for eyes that slant at one end, and its mouth is open in such a manner as makes you sweat from head to heel – this is basically the picture of the Alien Plaque we are offering you for your Halloween Decorations.

Thanks to pop culture and modern sci fi novels and all, aliens have become sort of a more acceptable thing now – at least in the Showbiz and in Hollywood. There’s always one hero or the other fighting to save the world from the big bad aliens on TV these days – and perchance it wouldn’t be wrong to say that if the aliens were to invade us for truth, perhaps Donald Trump might build a wall around it to protect his sanctuary. Our alien plaque is very scary, very spooky, and very skinny – and perfect for your Halloween Decorations. It just has this sort of thing has rarely been done before. Once it gets done, once it gets trendy, once the humans have set their eyes on these alien plaques, there is probably no coming back. The alien plaque has the same color – red – as here very few people talk about it. Are you or are you now, after reading this amazing informative – and sort of funny – not craving you owned one of these great pieces of Art? Because I sure am getting them all and then there’s a festival shopping too. Get outer-spacey this year on your Halloween Decorations.

While a few cartoons and a few animated movies might have made us believe that aliens are actually good beings, they don’t want to hurt you, they come by nighttime beside your bedroom – and you know well they don’t. But you remember the birthday. You remember Halloween and the Halloween Decorations. You remember who you cosplayed last Halloween. Wait not, and go grab an alien plaque this second!

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