Battery Candles


1)72 HOURS LONG LASTING AND BATTERY INCLUDED! Sustains up to 72+ hours continuously on 1 piece CR2032 (included)
2)90 DAYS REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE- The Tealight Candles come with 90 days easy return policy, so if any product stops working due to functionality issue, Micandle Storefront will replace with another box of tealights
3)EASY TO USE IT! Toggle the ON-OFF switch on the bottom to turn on/off the tea light,1.4×1.4 inch yellow flicker light is good for romantic setting


Product Description

The battery candles bring a new and innovative way to brighten up your home. These battery candles are cordless operated and omit no real flame that can be dangerous to anyone around the area and are splendid for Halloween decorations. They work correctly even in the outdoors and give off a very pleasant and cozy effect. The battery candles can be put inside plastic pumpkin heads for Halloween decorations as to give off a perfect luminous effect. There is no danger of anything, including your Halloween decorations, to catch fire in any way as the battery candles are battery operated. The candles provide a safe environment as they project out no flame, smoke or any foul smell that may displease the surrounding. Not only for Halloween decorations but the candles can be used for any occasion at all, may it be a candlelight romantic dinner or even fun, relaxing bath. You can ever decorate your home with the candles and put them on top of bookshelves or even on top of the fireplace or the mantle. These are the best quality flameless candles that come in 1.4 X 1.4 sizes.

The battery of the battery candles is for 17 hours and can sustain up to 72 hours plus. These are very easy to use. All you have to do is put it near or inside any of your Halloween decorations and toggle it on or off with a button on the bottom. The whole packaging of the candles includes 100x Yellow Flicker LED flameless candle and coin batteries which are inside the candles. These candles are very light and easy weight to carry around. When you hold the candles, their outer covering or body does not get hot to touch and causes no discomfort for any person who holds it. These are perfect for your Halloween decorations and many other occasions. It is the sleekest and easy to use. Buy now!

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