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Brand new Fantastic value Animals Squid Hat
Great Accessory for any Adult Funny Squid Costume
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Product Description

Large Squid Hat In Pink With Crazy Eyes is an odd hat for this Halloween, and it is a great accessory which you can pull out together with any of the funny Halloween costumes. This squid hat is a must for this year’s Halloween celebration. If you have kids, then you should buy them this squid hat because it was mainly designed for the kids to wear it. How does this product look? Well, it is a funny squid hat with prominent and bulging eyes near the top of the hat. It is made of a soft and cushiony canvas.


This squid hat comes in a variety of colors, but we recommend you to buy it in pink color if you are buying it for your kids. On the bottom of this awesome squid hat are several tentacles that are not scary, but funny. If you and your children are going to wear funny Halloween costumes this year, then you should buy and try out this creative squid hat. The other great thing about this product is that its price is affordable and that you do not have to pay enormous amounts of money to buy it. It can be yours for a low price.


You can buy this product for your kids if they participate in any Halloween contest this year. If you kids put on this hat together with funny Halloween costumes, they will for sure win the first prize. However, this product does not have to be worn only by kids. Even adults and elderly people can wear it! You can also participate in crazy Halloween hats contest with this ridiculous and creative hat! You will love this product as soon as it comes to your door. It is soft, funny, and pink.

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