Bat Creature


*Deluxe Latex Mask
*Arm/Hand Extensions

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Anyone who has ever seen a 90s horror show would instantly understand the popularity of bats – and not just horror shows, we saw bats in Scooby Doo, we saw Count Dracula transforming into a bat, we had a deluge of vampire stories lately – and we even had Golbat in Pokemon. It isn’t difficult to see why the Bat Creature and these Halloween Decorations would be so much in demand, considering that there is an entire generation that actually grew up with pop culture references that were exuberant in their bat references. Other than this, bats have always been a staple of horror movies – you always see them flapping their wings in deep caves and caverns, bats are always around ghosts and poltergeists: it’s like bats are the signature symbol of “spooky” be it anywhere in the world. A Bat Creature for your Halloween Decorations, how spooky!

This Bat Creature accessory does the very job of adding just the right amount of spookiness to your Halloween decorations that you wanted: vintage and classic but none the less creepy. In fact it does the job so well because with this accessory you can personify the bat – with its absurdly creepy mask and its garish gown of faded black, trust us nothing could look twice as creepy as this Bat Creature Costume on you. It does the perfect job of both symbolizing a much used – in fact over used – clichéd horror icon in Halloween Decorations as well as let you look like the scary little brat you wanted to be for the big day. Along with its freakish mask that exposes sharp teeth and nightmarish eyes you get extended arms that are equally morphed, equally scary and equally bat-like in their aspect. Get your Halloween Decorations vampiry with this aaccessory!

This costume is in fact not just limited to your Halloween Decorations but rather can be used for multi purposes – for a prank you wanted to play on your friend, for a play at your school, for just spooking out the kids around the house – the Bat Creature Costume is totally multipurpose! Such a cool new idea for your Halloween Decorations, no? Who would’ve thought?

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