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All the Ninja Turtles were awesome, but what made them all the more awesome was the artillery that they carried. Raphaels Sai was one of these absolutely amazing weaponry – and admit it, you always wanted to put up purple bands and wield a Sai. Well, fret no more, for we have just the weapon for you – and it doesn’t really matter if you want to fight crime with it or not: if you want Raphaels Sai for your Halloween Decorations, you shall have it.
Halloween Decorations are all about coming up with great ideas, unique cosplays, and thinking out of the box – what would then be sassier than going as mutant superheroes we all admired as children: let’s get that inner child out there and celebrate Halloween with a truer spirit than most harbor during the season. Ninja Turtle were more than cartoons we devoured as kids – we grew up with them, something we came to gradually and eventually love: surely nothing could make one happier than cosplaying as their childhood heroes!
Raphaels Sai is basically a pair of fighting knives – but of course all Ninja Turtle fans know that already – that you don’t necessarily have to use as Halloween Decorations. Oh, and we don’t mean you can use them in a Hannibal-like manner either – just that there is a variety of ways in which you can use these weapons: display them as part of your artefact collection; if you have one. Or you can display them anyway – a pair of Sai would look totally rad on your walls, especially if you’re a big fan of Judo and Karate; or, you know, if you’re a big fan on Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? At any rate, you absolutely need to get a hold of these amazing pair of Raphaels Sai – either for your Halloween costume or as an item of exhibition in your room: they’re shiny, they’re sleek and they’re super cool. Your Halloween Decorations will look great with this!

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